Do you have happy customers?
Your potential clients should know why.

Have you worked with customers who simply can’t say enough good things about you? Do they wish they had more space than your testimonials page can handle? Have they written thank-you letters to say exactly how your company has revolutionized the way they do business?

Do you need a case study?

A good case study can give your business a personal feel and help potential clients choose you over your competition. It’s essentially an expanded testimonial that focuses on one satisfied client. I’ll interview them and chat about how you solved their concerns. We’ll go over it together and with your customer to make sure that everyone approves of the final document. (This is very different from what happens in journalism, in case you’re wondering.)

A one- to two-page case study addresses your happy client’s problem, along with why they chose you to fix it, how you solved it and how much better the client is doing now. We’ll end up with a polished public document that will show potential customers why your business is the one to call. You can place it on your website, create a PDF to send to other clients, or include it as part of a press release.

Any time your products make a difference to your clients, you should make a case out of it.

May I help with that?

Please give me a call at 858-472-2242 or email me any time for more information.

Let’s talk soon.

~ Anne

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