Full-service writing and editing as you need it.

Anne Maclachlan

Editing: How do I know what I need?

  • Would you like an extra eye on what you’ve already written? Proofreading is for you.
  • If it’s roughly written and still needs a professional tone, you’ll want either a line editor to bring out the strength of your work or a content editor for cohesion and style.
  • If you have a concept sketched out but would like it fully developed, you may prefer to hire a personal ghostwriter.

Haunted by deadlines? Hire a ghost.

Get on with what you do best ~ running your business. Your voice is what counts; my research and details will back you up. When your next speech, article, manuscript or business report is due ~ with your name on it ~ let me know. It will be our secret.

My expertise has been earned through practice and passion. To me, the crazy little details of grammar and the nuances of vocabulary are half the fun; so let’s get you back on track with polished, professional results.

For quotes and queries, please contact me. I quote by the project and will submit a scope agreement before we proceed.

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