Full-service writing as you need it

My job is to make you look outstanding.

When your next speech, press release, biography or business report is due, let’s talk. Your voice is what counts, whether it’s fully ghosted or simply edited. You have enough to do; let me take care of this, quickly and professionally.

Imagine what I can do for you. 

Anne Maclachlan

BUSINESS WRITING: Copywriting, case studies, ghostwriting, marketing collateral and Web content – you name it. My clients come from many businesses: maritime, fashion, travel, entertainment and the arts.

EDITING: From simple proofreading to creating a document, article or manuscript from notes, let me take it off your plate.

CONSULTING: For business clients, offsite or onsite: I’ll help with talking points, developing ideas, and presentations.

Are you a creative writer? I specialize in historical and multicultural research, character and dialog development. I can even provide suggestions on where you might try to publish.

FREELANCE: Articles, features, essays, Web content and whatever else you need.

PUBLICATIONS: My track record includes magazines, newspapers, internal communications, fiction, children’s readers and a few awards.

Need something ghosted for publication? I can help you.


Anne Maclachlan is now head writer for this year’s May 1-4 Santa Fe Film Festival. She leads a team of writers handling press releases, marketing content, interviews and general news for the season 2014 lineup of outstanding films from around the world.

Hire Anne Maclachlan ~ Here’s Why

  • You hoped you could do it yourself. Now there are bite marks on your keyboard.
  • Your dream presentation just lies there, and it won’t get up.
  • Grammar gremlins cursed your content.
  • You can’t recall the their / there / they’re rule; you no longer care, care, care.
  • You just want it done, already.

I can fix all of these problems for you.

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