Full-service writing as you need it

Contact me and relax. Your reports, presentations, articles, press releases and e-blasts (plus everything else you need) will be done professionally and accurately.

Anne Maclachlan

You have other priorities.

Here are mine:

BUSINESS WRITING: Copywriting, case studies, ghostwriting, marketing collateral and Web content – you name it. My clients come from many businesses: maritime, fashion, travel, entertainment and the arts. Your voice is what counts, whether it’s fully ghosted or simply edited. Let’s talk.

EDITING: From simple proofreading to creating a document, article or manuscript from notes, let me take care of it.

CONSULTING: For business clients, offsite or onsite: I’ll develop talking points, ideas and presentations. For writers: Historical and cultural research; accuracy in language and dialect; plot development.

FILM INDUSTRY: Historical and cultural research for authenticity; script assistance; marketing content and press releases; presentation prep. Leading a team of freelancers as head writer for the 2014 Santa Fe Film Festival. Find out more on my New Mexico Film Office listing.

FREELANCE ARTICLES: Blogs, features, essays, Web content and whatever else you need.

PUBLICATIONS: My track record includes magazines, newspapers, internal communications, fiction, children’s readers and a few awards.

Haunted by deadlines? I’ll ghost for you.

Hire Anne Maclachlan ~ Here’s Why

  • You hoped you could do it yourself. Now there are bite marks on your keyboard.
  • Your dream presentation just lies there, and it won’t get up.
  • Grammar gremlins cursed your content.
  • You can’t recall the their / there / they’re rule; you no longer care, care, care.
  • You just want it done, already.

I can fix all of these problems for you.

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