Writing and editing

"Anne catches every tiny little thing that otherwise might slip under the radar. She has a laser-focus eye for detail that makes me feel confident that my finished product will be truly spotless. Plus, she’s a joy to work with. There’s no downside here."

~ Emma Scott 

Author, Love Beyond Words  

"Not only is Anne an incredible writer, but she has a fabulous command of the English language. Anne always approaches every task with a smile on her face. She will not settle for second best when completing a project."

~ Karolen Linderman

 Board Member at San Diego Press Club

“As an experienced media relations practitioner I can recommend Anne as one of the most talented, professional and easy to work with writer/reporters I have ever known.”

~ Michael Shanahan

Public Relations

“To any professional task, Anne Maclachlan brings acute powers of observation, wit and wisdom born of a wide-ranging life experience. She treats the written word with a respect that too often is lacking in the digital realm.”

~ Greg Gross 

Editor, I’m Black and I Travel!

“Anne is not only an eagle-eyed copyeditor, she is an online journalist dedicated to preserving the integrity of users’ experience on our website. In her daily work, she shows commendable ethical integrity.”

~ Jennifer Croshaw Balanky

Entertainment Editor, (San Diego Union-Tribune)

“If you have the opportunity to hire Anne, do so now. She is talented, hard-working and her writing is always entertaining and of the highest quality As her editor, I never had to worry about her copy; it was always on time and near flawless.”

~ Barry Benintende 

Executive Editor, La Jolla Light


Maritime industry

“We contract Anne for copywriting services. Her ability to grasp technical information and retell it to different audiences has been invaluable to Marine Group’s communications strategy which targets a variety of segments. On top of it, she’s responsive, turns assignments around quickly and sees projects through to the end.”

~Leah Yam 

Marine Group Boat Works

“Anne brings a level of energy and professionalism to her writing which makes collaborating with her a pleasure. She’s detail oriented, punctual and tells a great story!”

~ Bill Prince

Publisher, Classic Yacht Magazine 


Film industry

"I really appreciate Anne's attention to detail and flexibility.  It was great having her on set! She was a wonderful, calming, and organized presence on set, and I’m glad she’ll be with us on the next one."

~ Tim Nenninger

Director of Photography, Timbojo Productions

“Anne is a perfectionist with strong work ethics. She always goes beyond the call of duty. It is an honor to work with such professionalism, and a relief when she is on our team.”

~ NaNi Rivera

Executive Director, Santa Fe Film Festival