A broad scope of writing to fit your needs

Maritime and green tech

I haven't only written about it, I've done it! Anything maritime is my passion, and that translates into engaging content. I specialize in green tech for vessel repair, and for land-based contstruction remodels.

Interviews and arts

From the big screen to behind the politicians' desks, I bring a fresh perspective to feature stories, corporate bios, and press releases. I don't pry, but I do reveal some fun facts that let readers connect better with the subjects I'm covering.

K-12 textbooks and more

My pre-K through adult-level  social studies, science, and original fiction readers are used in classrooms around the globe, while my popular fiction is gaining  a pretty good following. All this knowledge backs up my work as a publishing consultant.



Maritime & Boating:
SignOnSanDiego Life of the 1863 Barque Star of India
Where San Diego On the Water

Video, HMS Surprise and Star of India under way with Jeff Dillon

News and Lifestyles:

Green Fire Times Reflections from the Pueblo Convocation on Education

SignOnSanDiego.com / San Diego Union-Tribune (news, features, reviews)
Where San Diego Drink at the Source
Dream Villager La Jolla Artist Making Splashes in Japan



Some interviews are life-changing: The philosophy of Comanche elder and stateswoman LaDonna Harris.

Keep an eye out for Legion‘s well-grounded Amber Midthunder.

Yes, he did. He went Hanzee Dent on me. Meet Zahn McClarnon.

You haven’t met charm until you’ve chatted with Lou Diamond Phillips.

Director, producer, actor, musician: Find out what drives Cassidy Freeman.

Santa Fe Film Festival: Interview with casting director Angelique Midthunder et al.  (Nights Like These


First place, multimedia (w. Yvette de la Garza and Jeff Dillon) Society of Professional Journalists for Star of India

Second place, content (w. Lisa Castro) San Diego Press Club for public service website

Honorable Mention, Society of Professional Journalists for Princess on a Mission: The Voyage of Princess Tai Ping, content (w. David Brooks, video)

Placed, “Six-Word Novel Contest,” Southern California Writers Conference

Finalist and semi-finalist, various New York City Midnight Madness short-short story competitions

Finalist, co-screenwriter of Yucca Flats, 48-hour Film Challenge 2018


 Video, HMS Surprise and Star of India under way with Jeff Dillon. Interviews, selected video by Anne Maclachlan