Editing: How do I know what I need?

What do you need? An extra set of eyes or "Get me rewrite!" Here's how to tell.



Would you like an extra eye on what you’ve already written and consider finished? Proofreading ensures correct spelling and word usage, and that there are no misplaced commas, apostrophes, etc. In other words, a good proofreader will spot simple typos in work that you are already fairly sure is complete.

This is the most basic of the editing services.

What you won’t get with proofreading: Content or character advice; paragraph and sentence restructuring; or topic development.

Line and Content Editing

If you have something that’s roughly written but which still needs a professional tone, you’ll want either a line editor to bring out the strength of your work or a content editor for development, cohesion and style.

A line editor will re-work a draft, perhaps reorganizing paragraphs for smoother flow and a higher marketing impact, ensuring that the tone is correct for the audience as well as the presenter. Along with this comes proofreading and error correction.

This is what most people who “hate writing” need for their work.

Content editors manage the entire range of work from spelling to tone to character development. For example, I recently worked with a writer whose leading man said something so far out of character that he committed a tremendous breach of his own integrity. By simply rewriting the context and rewording the quote, we put the character’s intent right back where it ought to be, ethics and social consciousness intact. And the hero remained heroic.

A content editor will help with weaknesses in your manuscript or business presentation.

What you won’t get with line and content editing: A draft from your notes. For that, you need a ghostwriter.


If you have a concept sketched out but would like it fully developed, you may prefer to hire a personal ghostwriter. In this case, you’ll have an idea of what you want to say and who you think will want to read it.

A ghostwriter will work with your notes, or by recording several interviews with you, to create a completely new work that is sold with your name on it. Because of the time-consuming nature of ghostwriting (and the lack of a byline for the writer), this is the most labor-intensive and the most expensive solution to your writing goals.


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